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Collective Renovation in the Countryside

The inter-municipal foundation Landengel e.V. are establishing a new health, care, and supply network in the village region of Seltenrain. In addition to the health kiosks, this includes the Landzentrum in Sundhausen, which offers health services and other services under one roof. The building, formerly used as a village shop, will be converted as part of a community building project. Together with local partners and the IBA Thuringia, the CODE department of the TU Berlin is organizing these practical events with the support of the Sto-Stiftung. The newly established company Gesundes Landleben GmbH, founded in October 2022 by the Landleben foundation and OptiMedis AG, will be the future operator of the entire health concept.

The idea of the Landzentrum involves the development of two locations: the vacant shop and a nearby three-sided farmstead. A strategic proposal for dealing with the existing structures was developed in 2020 by Atelier Fanelsa and L.I.S.T. GmbH aus Berlin, commissioned by the IBA. This involves a minimally invasive intervention for the shop and expanding the three-sided farmstead.

Drohnenaufnahme ehemaliger Konsum Sundhausen_Foto Christoph Grosse.jpg
The former grocery store building on Anger Street is owned by the Sundhausen municipality and has been vacant since 2018. The aim of the renovation is to achieve the maximum impact with the smallest possible intervention. Picture: Christoph Große

Since 2021, the Bauhütten process has been supporting the IBA project Landzentrum with the conception and implementation of the minimal-invasive intervention at the grocery store. Through the collaboration of foundations, universities, vocational schools, craftsmen, associations, and the population, the development of the rural area is being advanced within the IBA Thuringia from various international and local perspectives and tested through model projects in a 1:1 scale. The experimental nature of the project in Sundhausen serves both the development of renovations and the development of new collaborative processes.

Ergebnis der 4. Bauhuette in Sundhausen_Foto Christoph Grosse.jpg
The box-in-box concept was applied as a solution for a new use of the former Konsum building. It not only reorganizes the rooms and functions, allowing for a flexible division through wall displacement, but also creates a new room climate with minimal intervention through a wooden frame construction with wood fiber insulation. The heating is provided by infrared radiators, and future plans include solar power generation. Picture: Christooph Große
HNI Podium_Ossip van Duivenbode
Against the backdrop of climate change, circular construction, which involves the reuse of materials from the building materials cycle, is of primary importance. In this regard, Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam donated the material from the temporary, pink wooden roof roof designed by MVRDV to the Landleben Foundation. Picture: Ossip van Duivenbode
Region Seltenrain_Bauhuette Sundhausen 2022_Foto Thomas Müller.jpg
Das Material wurde bei der 5. Bauhütte in Sundhausen verbaut.
Mobiles Podium vor dem Landzentrum Sundhausen_Foto Thomas Müller.jpg
Und die Veldacademie Rotterdam schickte Holzmodule eines mobilen Theaters für die 5. Bauhütte nach Thüringen.
Textilwerkstatt bei Bauhuette Sundhausen_Foto Thomas Müller.jpg
Mit einem Aufruf an die Region Sundhausen und darüber hinaus wurden zusätzlich Textilien zur Wiederverwendung gesammelt.

The goal of the Bauhütten process is to involve all actors involved in construction early on through round table discussions and workshops, and to see the Bauhütte as a format for exchange and discourse as well as planning and construction, where interdisciplinary and cross-trade actions can take place. In the context of IBA Thuringia, it is being examined to what extent collective building in rural areas can set new impulses for building culture and be sustained. This involves questions of standards as well as resource-efficient retrofitting, possible uses of bio-based materials, processes of building and technology, and promotion of experimental design.

A total of five Bauhütten have already been successfully conducted. For the fifth edition of the Bauhütte, which took place from September 17-25, 2022, there was international participation: the Veldacademie Rotterdam with TU Delft, TU Vienna, PUC Santiago de Chile, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and painting schools from all over Germany have sent actors to Sundhausen.

Since spring 2022, the Landzentrum has already been actively used as a town hall, village service center, and association center and is also intended to include a new model for rental doctor's practices in the future. Work will continue on the further gradual implementation until the end of 2023, and the process will be publicly exhibited. The Bauhütten project is to be understood as a learning model for how new impulses can arise in structurally and financially weak municipalities and regions through a collective design and construction process and lead to a new form of building cultural mediation.


Am Anger 74
99947 Sundhausen

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Landzentrum im IBA Finale 2023
5. Bauhütte von IBA Projekt Landzentrum gestartet
Landengel e.V. wird IBA Projekt
Ehemaliger Konsum wird bei 4. Bauhütte neue Dorfmitte in Sundhausen
Erfolgreicher DesignBuild Auftakt in Sundhausen!
Landengel e.V. wird IBA Kandidat

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